The Importance Of Kundalini Yoga In Kundalini Yoga the making and supporting Sakti of the 

entire body is really and genuinely joined with Lord Siva. The Yogi urges Her to acquaint him with Her Lord. 

The energizing of Kundalini Sakti and Her Union with Lord Siva impacts the territory of Samadhi (Ecstatic association) and profound Anubhava (experience). 

It is She who gives Knowledge or Jnana, for She is Herself That. Kundalini Herself, when stirred by the Yogins, accomplishes for them the Jnana (enlightenment). 

Kundalini can be stirred by different methods and these various strategies are called by various names, viz., Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and so on. 

The specialist of this Kundalini Yoga asserts, that it is higher than some other procedure and that Samadhi accomplished accordingly is increasingly flawless. 

The reason that they claim, is this:— In Dhyana Yoga, joy happens through separation from , 

the world and mental fixation driving the assortment of mental activity (Vritti) of the uprising of unadulterated cognizance unhindered by the constraints of the psyche. 

How much this disclosing of awareness is affected, relies on the reflective power, 

Dhyana Sakti, of the Sadhaka and the degree of separation from the world. Then again, Kundalini is all Sakti and is consequently Jnana Sakti Herself—offers Jnana and Mukti, 

at the point when stirred by the Yogins. Furthermore, in Kundalini Yoga there isn't simply a Samadhi through contemplation, yet the focal intensity of the Jiva, conveys with it the types of both body and psyche 

Yogi has both Bhukti (satisfaction) and Mukti (freedom) in the fullest and exacting sense. 

Henceforth this Yoga is professed to be the principal all things considered. 

At the point when the resting Kundalini is stirred by Yogic Kriyas, it powers an entry upwards through the diverse Chakras (Shat-Chakra Bheda). 

It energizes or animates them into extreme movement. During its rising, layer after layer of the psyche turns out to be completely opened. 

All Kleshas (tribulations) and the three sorts of Taapa will disappear. 

The Yogi encounters different dreams, forces, delight and information. 

When it comes to Sahasrara Chakra in the mind, the Yogi gets the greatest learning, Bliss, power and Siddhis. 

He arrives at the most astounding rung in the Yogic stepping stool. He gets impeccably separated from body and brain. He turns out to be free in all regards. He is an all out Yogi (Purna Yogi).