At the crown of your head, spreads the most delightful lotus of a thousand petals, sahasrara.


Arranged in the thousand-petalled lotus, embellished with every one of the letters of the Sanskrit letter set, holding every one of the actualizes,

immovably settled in the innovative liquid, confronting every one of the bearings, a wide range of nourishment is of high repute to her, she is known as Yakini.


The word sahasra implies multifold, truly for one thousand.

In Lalita Sahasranama, goddess is known as the one with thousand faces, thousand eyes and thousand hands (sahasraśīrṣa-vadanā sahasrāk sahasrapāt).

Sahasrara is your entrance point to being that goddess. When you reach sahasrara, your reality and your capacities develop complex.

Sahasrara isn't generally a chakra; it's a phase, an express, a result. It is your entryway to unending conceivable outcomes.

You are never again only one individual battling through life or attempting to achieve an objective. Rather, you become an epitome of heavenly nature, of the Goddess.

The force, center and intensity of your each idea develop in products of thousands. It resembles you have a large number of hands to help you.

The sadhaka, searcher, has gone past being a siddha, a cultivated one.

He has arrived at a definitive degree of being a sadhya, the one they looked for. The searcher has increased association with the one he had been looking for.

At this level you are deserving of reverence in light of the fact that your reality is totally benevolent and for the welfare of others.

You gain the power – to mend individuals, to do marvels, to see through them. Unlimited sympathy comes to you normally and you draw in individuals like a bloom pulls in bumble bees.

The word thousand in this section is intended to imply not carefully one thousand but rather an enormous number.

It was basic in the old writings to allude to 'a great deal' as shata (exacting for one hundred) and 'in excess of a ton' as sahasara.

By thousand-petalled lotus, it is implied that you have gone past the lotuses and their petals, they are in plenitude now. You are a mammoth sea of such lotuses at this stage.

Every one of the letters of the letter set dwell in this chakra.

Anything we talk or compose is built utilizing letters of the letter set. It's not about any exacting arrangement of such letters.

Rather, it means that you have arrived at a phase where there is nothing left for you to look for any longer. You increase a surprising knowledge into the truth of the considerable number of things.

You gain a definitive intensity of truth, comprehension and empathy.

The one at this stage has gone past the physical components of blood, bones, fat, marrow and so forth.

You presently dwell in the innovative liquid, you are the imaginative liquid. The imaginative liquid does not allude to semen alone. It alludes to ojas in Ayurveda, an angle the two people have.

Not any more one, two, three or four appearances, rather you find in every one of the headings. You have turned into a head or sovereign of your own reality. You compose your very own fate at this level.

Your goals, your considerations – they show for you. Your desire is Nature's direction. Anything you genuinely go for will happen as expected.

All that you taste feels astonishing, you have transcended the guidelines; you are allowed to do, eat, be and wear anything you desire, for you have picked up freedom from the grasp of your own psyche.

Significant physical impressions of happiness surpass you totally.

when I used to put my head down for resting, the sensations would develop and my head used to hurt.

There was no torment inside my cerebrum, simply colossal power, maybe somebody was putting weight on my mind and with ever present concentrative state, such sensations would keep on structure up.

It took me some time to figure out how to live with them. At first, I'd believed that they would leave however they never did.

They are similarly as ground-breaking today as they were initially.

Much the same as the Ganges rises up out of Gangotri drop by drop and turns into a wide, full and wandering waterway blending right in Gangasagar,

the nectar dribbles from sahasrara drop by drop and goes through my entire being filling me with ecstasy.

The devi is known by the name of Yakini. The syllable is YAM. The root letter 'Ya' signifies This. This is it, Now.