Learn Microsoft Word, PowerPoint & Outlook In 90 Minutes FREE TUTORIAL 

Welcome to my blogs free undemy tutorial course.
Today we are share to learn Microsoft word , PowerPoint and outlook in just 90 Minutes paid Tutorial for free
  • No previous Microsoft Office experience necessary!
  • A laptop or desktop to create your Microsoft Office documents
  • Internet connection
  • If you want to learn Microsoft Office to stand out from the crowd & get a promotion or pay-rise, you are invited to join this course

What you’ll learn
  • ADDED BONUS: This entire courses can be DOWNLOADED for offline viewing on the Udemy mobile app (Android & iOS)!
  • One of the most sought after skills in the current market place and one that pays 3x above standard office jobs!
  • Speed up your Excel skills with the top 50 keyboard shortcuts!
  • Understand Microsoft PowerPoint Basics up to creating your first PowerPoint presentation with animations!
  • Personal support from a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • Create your own Outlook account and use it to organize your emails!

Learn Microsoft Word, PowerPoint & Outlook

If you want to get job at Microsoft office so you get a better paying job and get breeze through your task with words in freelancer , Upwork and other platform in onlineline .
Also you are Microsoft offer Beginner or Never use Microsoft office before you are sure benefit for enrollment this course .
You will be able to master straight away the following (in just 90 minutes):

  • Microsoft Word Essentials
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Essentials
  • Microsoft Outlook Essentials
  • BONUS: 50 Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

In Just 90 Minutes You Will Walk Away With
  • MORE TIME (Who doesn’t want that?)
  • Create your own Word document, Outlook account, PowerPoint animated presentation from scratch in just 90 minutes!
  • Understand the essence of the Excel Keyboard Shortcuts, and see them in action!
  • See how the Microsoft Office suite is used with real examples

After this class you will be able to:

  • Actually SMILE when you start creating your Word document, PowerPoint presentation, Excel spreadsheet and Outlook emails 

Now you have the opportunity to join your fellow professionals who are taking this course and enhancing their Microsoft skills and JOB OPPORTUNITIES!
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Learn Microsoft Word, PowerPoint & Outlook  FREE TUTORIAL 

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