Linux for Absolute Beginners

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Today we are share Linux for Absolute Beginners course . It help those students who have plan to move in Ethical hacking course .

This course we will begin by covering the very basics of using the Linux  operating system, and move on to the advanced system and networking skills

We will cover the following topics in this course

Install Linux on their system

Feel comfortable using the command line interfaces

Install GitHub and setup a repository

Develop a web application using Meteor.js

Manage users on a Linux system


Name of the course :- Linux for Beginners

TOTAL RATINGS :- 4.3 ( 1,68,589 ENROLL )


Format :- Video Tutorial

Created By :- Joseph Deladilo and Nich Germaine

COURSE PRICE :- 12,480 ( FREE )


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Who this course is for

Students who want to get started using Linux

Students interested in learning web development

Student who would like to work as a Linux system administrator

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  • September 16, 2020 at 7:10 pm

    Typically I’m a linguistics learner, but I love what a detailed guide you made here today. You could learn alot from this. Very Polished argument.

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