Marketing Analytics for Retail Business Management

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Retail analytics using MS Excel – Covering Forecasting, Market Basket, RFM, Customer Valuation & Price Bundling

What you’ll learn Retail Business Management

Using powerful tools such as excel solver to create forecasting models

Learn how to estimate the trend and seasonal aspects of sales

How to interpret the result of Linear Regression model and translate them into actionable insight

Learn practical concepts of how to get revenue/profit optimized price point in case of Bundle products.

Incorporate the impact of discount rate and retention rate to calculate customer value

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Name of the course :- Marketing Analytics for Retail Business Management

Total Ratings :- 4.5

Languages :- English

Format :- Video Tutorial

Created By :- Start Tech Academy




Basic of forecasting

Gettings Data ready for regression Model

Forecastings using Regression Modal

Handlings Special Events like Hoilday Sales

Identify Seasonality events and trend Forecasting

Market Basket Analysis and lift


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